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Double Glazed Windows

As individuals’ we are all different and have different perceptions of noise and how that noise effects our lives. As the population increases contributing noise factors in our lives increase, once you step into your home or work place installed with Thermaglaze Windows WA double glazing you can emit those noises from your lives giving you the tranquility and peacefulness you deserve in your home or working environment.

Thermaglaze Windows WA manufacture a profile that has been perfected with a multi chambered profile for the effective acoustic insulation. The window and door profile have either two or three chambers that improve thermal performance and efficiency. The multi-chambered design creates multiple blockages that effectively reduce sound transmission for superior insulation.

securedbydesignlogonewTotal Security

Thermaglaze Windows WA will ease your worries about burglars with the Rehau Double Glazed profile they manufacture. The Rehau profile is completely reinforced making the windows and doors sturdy enough to withstand any burglar. Added to the sturdiness all the windows and doors are fitted with multi point locking hardware that is part of the Official Police Security Initiative in the UK.

Secured Glazing Design

In addition, Rehau windows are internally glazed. This means the glazing beads that hold the glass in place are on the inside. Therefore, the glass cannot be removed from the outside by any would-be-intruders.

Your Home Is Your Castle!

If you’re like us and you want to keep your home secure we at Thermaglaze Windows WA manufacturer and install windows and doors that are fitted as standard with multi-point locking hardware. Our windows and doors not only bring light into you home they offer the added security of giving greater resistance to forced entry.


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The windows and doors to our homes and work environment offer light and fresh air that connect the interior to the outdoor surroundings. With technology comes knowledge and as our knowledge grows regarding energy efficiency we want to improve the environments in which we live and work. Thermaglaze Windows WA are proud to be part of the uPVC Window Alliance who promote and work with the biggest profile extrude-rs to ensure that the uPVC used in Australia meets the highest grade it can possibly achieve whilst keeping up with advances.

Double Glazed windows and doors offer the improvement that will improve your home or working environments energy efficiency helping to reduce energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and increase the value of your home.

At Thermaglaze Windows WA our double glazed windows and doors are installed as standard with Viridian Lightbridge Low E double glazed units. Low E double glazed windows and doors prevent heat loss through the glazed part of the window or door during the Cooler months and Heat gain during the Warmer months.

Windows and Doors manufactured by Thermaglaze Windows WA are suitable for Low- Energy Houses, Passive Houses, Portable Homes and Older Style Homes in need of renovating.

Double Glazed Windows

No matter how idyllic the sound of living by the sea may sound, the thought of having to maintain windows and doors that have been pounded by the harsh elements that come from the Four Seasons bring, is not only physically hard work, the numerical cost will regularly hit your pocket and as they deteriorate that cost of maintaining will only increase! You deserve to sit and relax in the secure comfort of your home all year round!

With the Rehau UPVC profile the windows and doors manufactured by Thermaglaze Windows WA can withstand extremes of heat, cold, snow and cyclonic weather without corroding, peeling, chipping or flaking allowing you to have the low maintenance home by the sea you desire.

The Benefits of UPVC in Coastal Areas

  • Cyclone Tested
  • Corrosion Proof
  • Tough and durable
  • Bushfire Resistant
  • No yearly sanding and painting frames

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  • We are extremely happy with our new front door. Nathan provided a quote, without any pushy sales tactics, and it proved the best price for a top quality product. follow up calls were made to arrange the install date, and the install was completed very quickly to a very high standard.

    We look forward to having all our windows replaced by Thermaglaze in the future.


    No pushy sales tactics
  • We were absolutely delighted with Thermaglaze’s service from start to finish. The team was extremely friendly and accommodating and the product performs as promised. We were particularly happy with your company’s willingness to ensure we were 100% happy with the installation.

    We will definitely be using Thermaglaze again for the next round of sliding door replacements!


    100% Service from start to finish
  • Amazing quality and very competitive prices. I have been extremely happy with my new windows and doors. Also very happy with how fast they are made and installed.

    Thank you very much!

    The Clarkes

    Amazing Quality
  • We chose Thermaglaze because they were a competitive local company, but also because we had seen their product via friends that were really happy with their double glazed windows and doors fitted by Thermaglaze. The installation went smoothly and efficiently, at the end of each day you wouldn’t have known they had been there except for the new windows and doors( because they were so clean and tidy!) asides from the beautiful new windows that were in place. We are thrilled with the way they look, they have definitely improved the appearance of our house but for us the biggest difference is the huge reduction in noise, when the windows are closed all is silent and it’s lovely! We would without hesitation recommend Thermaglaze and only wish we had replaced our leaky, draughty windows sooner.

    Neil & Paula


    Competitively Priced
  • “we are really thankful to Thermaglaze and to Nathan personally for his products and services which were just perfect in every respect. Best price we could find, professional advice, understanding of our needs and requirements and also timely manner. Installation was done incredibly quickly. We recommend Thermaglaze as the best double glazed windows and doors manufacturer and installer. Especially to owner builders like ourselves who are not professional builders and therefore need a bit of support from external parties and sub-contractors.”

    Thanks Nathan

    Owner Builders: Lev & Anna

    Jane Brook

    Understood Our Needs
  • We have had all new double glazed windows fitted from Thermaglaze WA and are over the moon with the quality of the product they use and also the finished product after it has been fitted very professional service from start to finish.


    Professional Service