Keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. With energy bills increasing we are all looking at ways to save. By fitting double glazed uPVC windows and doors your home will be more thermally efficient than a home with standard 3mm window panes. Aluminium windows are very durable but offer little insulating value. Wood windows have good thermal and insulation qualities but are prone to weather deterioration and need maintaining. uPVC windows and doors won’t flake, peel, blister, rot, rust or corrode making them the most durable available material on a market. They have great noise insulation, ideal for people living beside a busy road and they have improved security with multi-point locking systems.

uPVC is an abbreviation of for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a rigid PVC. PVC is a commonly produced thermoplastic material. Colour goes through the complete thickness of the material meaning, when it is scratched, the marks can be polished out. uPVC can be welded to give clean joins and it cannot corrode, even with direct contact with salt water.

Our windows and doors are made to easily fit directly into the existing window and door opening.

Currently the Rehau colour range for  Australia consists of White, Cream, Golden Oak, Golden Oak on White, Ceylon on White and Silver on White. All Rehau uPVC has passed stringent performance testing ensuring that the product withstands the elements of the Australian Climate.

Yes, uPVC is incredibly strong and durable. The only maintenance our windows and doors may require is to lubricate the locking mechanism occasionally. To clean use a mild soapy water and a sponge.

Yes. With a firm and tight closing mechanism and gas filled double glazing our windows and doors significantly reduce noise disturbance from outside up to an eighth of the original noise level. They protect against sound transmission up to 44db and are ideally suited to inner city properties, hospitals, retirement homes, main road sites, etc.


uPVC windows and doors are a competitively priced. Price is also determined by size, colour & style alternative to other window and door systems. However, the other systems don’t have the advantage of continual savings on your energy bills and maintenance costs.

Expect a 4 week turnaround, although your job may take less time depending on a number of factors such as the quantity, size of the project, specification of the windows and doors system and prior commitments and our factory schedule. However we always will endeavour to provide a prompt and efficient service.