10 Questions to Ask Your Double-Glazing Installer

Many homeowners in Australia have an ongoing financial dilemma focused on making certain additions and improvements to their homes. Are you adding value? Can the long-term savings beat the upfront costs? Should you consider double-glaze windows instead of other options?

Double glazing the windows and doors might be the best option if you want your home to be energy-efficient, make the property more secure, and block out external noise.

As the Double Glazing Perth professionals, Thermaglaze can help you install double-glazed windows that meet all of your needs without breaking the bank. However, it’s important to understand the price difference between this and other materials. Let’s get started!

What Are Double-glazed Windows?

Double-glazed windows aren’t the same as single-glazed windows because they use two separate panes of glass separated by a special airtight space, which acts like insulation. A vacuum layer between the panes is the insulative barrier you need.

You can use laminated glass panels or UV-tinted versions, but they’re similar to what’s used in single glazing. You can also find triple-glazed windows, though they’re often found in cold areas of the world, such as in Europe.

  • Custom-made Double-glazed Windows – They’re produced and installed as one unit with two panes. The approach is primarily used on windows and doors of extensions and new houses, where the work is done from scratch.

Key Factors to Determine the Price of Installing Double-glazed Windows

Here are a few factors to consider when determining the price you might pay:

  • The specifications (tinting, thickness, etc.) and type of glass

  • Material used for your window frame (expect to pay about $1,500 per square metre (includes installation and materials) for high-quality timber frames, though aluminium double-glazed windows likely cost less)

  • Size of the window(s) to double glaze

  • Style of your window (Awning windows might be cheaper than the sliding windows because there’s less labour to manufacture and fewer materials used)

  • Hardware used (Fixed double-glazed windows are often cheaper because they don’t need handles or other mechanisms. Generally, it costs more to have more components.)

Tips for Saving Money on the Cost of Double-Glazing

It’s unlikely to be cheap, regardless of how you do things. However, you can save money on the double-glazed windows cost you pay if you’re a savvy shopper and use the right company.

Think about the window style and colours, which adds to the price. Simple openings, aluminium frames, and awning/casement windows are all ways to save.

Some people say that you should do some of the work yourself to save on adding double-glazed windows to the home. However, we don’t recommend this. It’s often best to let us measure, order, and buy the materials directly. You may not have the skill or knowledge to do it properly. If you get the wrong measurements, you end up paying more in the long run.

The Department of Energy suggests other options to double glazing, such as applying a thin plastic coating over the windows. This might prevent direct sunlight from entering and offer some assistance with solar radiation and heat loss, but it can’t reduce unwanted noise, so it might not be ideal for you.

We recommend that you comparison shop to get the best value. Our double-glazed windows are often the ideal option because we work with the top product provider in the area. Request a few quotes from multiple companies. Just ensure that you compare apples to apples, including the same types of glass and frames.

Advantages of Double-glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows are highly beneficial, and some of the advantages include:

  • Noise Reduction – A double-glazed window can reduce the risk of hot and cold spots in the home. Plus, they shut out external noise more than the other options. That means getting a better night’s sleep, concentrating in your home office, and not having to hear aircraft or your neighbour’s dog barking.

  • Energy Efficiency – There’s sealed air between the glass panes, which acts as thermal insulation. It’s designed to keep cooler air in the home and prevent hot air from getting out in winter. You may use the furnace and air conditioner less, which reduces your power bill.

  • Bushfire Protection – Double glazing for the windows and doors can protect your house from bushfires. After installation, it might be wise to talk to your home insurance company provider to save on premiums.

  • Security and Safety – Windows and doors are harder to break into than normal ones. Therefore, they’re excellent as a home security feature.

  • Increase the Home’s Value – The University of Wollongong performed a study in 2020 that found energy-efficient houses sell at higher prices than others. That premium could be up to 10 per cent!

Disadvantages of Double-Glazing

Before installing double glazing, it’s best to think about the disadvantages to get the full picture. The drawbacks might include:

  • Upfront Cost – A double-glazed window can deliver energy savings in the long term. However, they cost more than single-glazed windows. It might take you five years or longer to recoup the money you put into double glazing. Plus, you have to consider the higher price involved if the windows have to be replaced in the future. Finally, the installation might impact other features, such as shutters and blinds already installed.

  • Extra Weight – If you’re installing the double-glazed windows on an existing window frame, especially in an older building, you have to factor in the increased weight of that second pane of glass. It might cause the material around your window to warp or change shape with time. This might allow draughts of air into the home, cancelling out the increased insulation you initially got.

  • Style Fit – Some double-glazed windows don’t fit well with older properties because it’s a more modern style. However, you might retrofit your current windows to keep the elements of the existing window frames in place.

Could Double-glazing Save Money on Your Energy Bills?

One of the main benefits of double glazing is how it impacts your home’s energy efficiency. One pane of glass isn’t a good insulator, but the difference is significant when you add that second pane. Heat gain and loss through your windows is responsible for 25 to 30 per cent of your heating and cooling costs.

However, double glazing is highly energy-efficient because it reduces the gain or loss by about 30 per cent when compared to single-glazed aluminium windows. When you add home insulation into the mix, it’s possible to reduce your heating and cooling bills by about 40 to 50 per cent.

The actual savings on your energy bills are specific to your household, though. It depends on many factors, such as your home’s size, the climate you live in, the quality of work, and more.

Products We Offer

Thermaglaze Double Glazing offers these products:

  • uPVC windows (tilt/turn, stacker, sliding window, and awning window)

  • Hinged and entrance doors

  • Lift and slide doors

  • Sliding or stacking doors

Why Choose Thermaglaze Double Glazing

Thermaglaze Double Glazing can help you install double glazing throughout your home. When you need the best window installer, we’ve got you covered. Hopefully, this price guide enables you to understand the advantages of insulated glass units and what extra cost requirements you might have.

Please call today to receive personal advice on what works for your home. The cost of double glazing doesn’t have to break the bank and can help you in the long run. Request your quotation today!