General Maintenance of Double Glazing Windows


How To Maintain Your Double Glazed Windows

It is advisable to carry out routine maintenance twice a year, although this may need to be done more frequently in areas of high exposure.

All parts exposed when the window or door is closed, should be washed down with warm soapy water using a soft cloth, and dried thoroughly. Avoid ammonia and abrasive cleaning agents, particularly on handles and other metal filaments.

Parts exposed when the window or door is open should be simply wiped clean, removing grime from old lubricant, airborne debris and remains of insect life etc. Special attention should be paid to keep the drainage channels free and clear of blockages.

A very light application of petroleum jelly or equivalent will keep the locking mechanisms and keeps in good working order, while a suitable acid and resin free grease or lubricant should be used on sliding bars, gears and face plates.

Maintenance of friction stays is critical and it is important to follow instructions for lubrication and adjustment.

Windows can be fitted with key locking, push to open handles. An easy to use system, yet secure and long lasting. To operate, simply press the thumb button, turn through 90 degrees and push the window to the desired angle. To close, reverse the procedure by pulling the window closed and turning the handle back to the upright position, thus engaging it automatically. Handles can be deadlocked by using the key provided.

  • Regularly clean the window pane and PVC-U surrounds with a clear liquid spray proprietary glass cleaner.
  • Twice a year, wash down the PVC-U with warm soapy water and wipe dry.
  • Never paint PVC-U window frames.
  • Never use any paste or cream cleaners, which can be mildly abrasive.
  • Never use any type of bleach, solvent or adhesive.

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